Patching Scraped Paint After An Impact Alters Your Vehicle's Paint Job

After I purchased a new car, I realized that I needed to do what I could to keep it beautiful. I started focusing on washing the car weekly and focusing on waxing the finish, but that didn't stop my hubby from wrecking the ride a few weeks later. I knew that I had to do something to restore it to its original beauty, so I worked hard to find an auto body repair shop that could help. I looked all over, and within a few days I was able to find a great business that could help. They did a wonderful job on my car, and helped me to protect the value. Check out this blog for great information on auto body work.

Patching Scraped Paint After An Impact Alters Your Vehicle's Paint Job

1 June 2017
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Most people enjoy the appearance of a vehicle without a marred paint job. If you recently had a shopping cart hit your vehicle when you were in a parking lot and you noticed your paint job became scraped as a result of this incident, taking steps to patch the area will be necessary to mask it from view. Here are some steps you can follow to aid in getting your paint job back to its original appearance:

Obtain A Matching Paint Color

Head to a local auto supply store to get the needed color to match your paint job. To ensure you have a perfect match, check your vehicle handbook for coding information. If this is unavailable, a worker at the auto supply shop will be able to use your vehicle identification number to get the exact color needed. In some instances, the coding information will be listed on a label affixed under your vehicle's hood or on the floorboard of the driver's side. Request an auto paint pen as this is easiest to use for smaller jobs.

Prep The Area For Paint Application

Once you have the paint in your possession, prepping the area where the cart had made an impact will be necessary. Do a thorough assessment of the location to ensure it is not in need of body work to fill in dents beforehand. This would require a trip to a body shop to have it done properly. If there is a small dent that you are not worried about having repaired, the paint can be applied to the area if desired. Affix painters tape to the vehicle in a circle around the spot you are going to be painting so you have a guideline to follow in keeping color off of spots where it is unneeded. Clean the scraped area with mild soap and water and allow it to dry before adding color.

Apply The Color And Sand To Smooth

After your vehicle has dried, paint can be applied. When using a paint pen, brush the coloring over the metal in an even coating. Make sure there are no spots missed by getting close to the area to inspect it in detail. Allow the paint to dry for a full day. You will need to apply several coats of paint to the area, allowing a full day of drying time in between each one. When you have applied multiple coatings and the color appears to match the remainder of your car, sand the dried paint with a piece of medium-grit paper. Make sure to sand the edges of the painted area after removing the painter's tape from the vehicle to blend the new paint in with the old. Switch to fine-grit paper to blend the coloring evenly. Finally, use a paint polish over the area where new paint was added to make it shine.

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