After I purchased a new car, I realized that I needed to do what I could to keep it beautiful. I started focusing on washing the car weekly and focusing on waxing the finish, but that didn't stop my hubby from wrecking the ride a few weeks later. I knew that I had to do something to restore it to its original beauty, so I worked hard to find an auto body repair shop that could help. I looked all over, and within a few days I was able to find a great business that could help. They did a wonderful job on my car, and helped me to protect the value. Check out this blog for great information on auto body work.

Why Paintless Dent Repair Is A Good Way To Get Rid Of A Dent

4 June 2018
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Dents and dings make your car unattractive. If you have a big dent from backing into something or small dents from hail, you probably want the damage fixed as soon as possible. One repair option to consider is paintless dent repair. This can only be done if the paint hasn't been scraped off and the metal isn't shredded. As long as the only damage is an indented area, then paintless repair could be the best choice. Read More …

Why You Should Pay For Powder Coating On Your Metal Pieces

6 April 2018
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No matter what type of item you are trying to spruce up, you will want to make sure that it is given the best treatment for its looks and longevity. One of the best things to do is to opt for a powder coating finish. If you are not familiar with this type of finish or have simply never dug too deep into what its benefits are, you will want to keep reading. Read More …

Two Things To Look Out For When Shopping For A Project Car For Drifting

20 December 2017
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Drifting has become an increasingly popular sport over the last decade. It's not hard to see why: sliding cars sideways around corners is something that driving enthusiasts have enjoyed doing since the dawn of the automobile. Some of the most popular platforms for enthusiasts include early models of the Mazda Miata, Mazda RX-7, Nissan 240sx, and Toyota Supra. That's because all of those cars are relatively cheap, lightweight, and rear-wheel drive. Read More …

How To Work With Auto Body Filler

28 August 2017
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Auto body work is definitely intimidating. Even a skilled woodworker might be wary to do any body work on their car. Of course, auto body filler is readily available at any home improvement or auto parts store. However, it is much harder to work with than traditional wood patch. With some basic instruction and practice, you can master the techniques to patch your car body like a pro. This article explains the best methods for patching with auto body filler. Read More …

Three Guidelines For Steel Bumper Installation

16 August 2017
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Whether you have been in a vehicle accident or just want to get the most of your auto body, one step you can take is to buy a steel bumper. You should learn all about the benefits of a steel bumper, in addition to finding a professional that can install it for you. By understanding how to get the most out of this new steel bumper, you will be in a great position to make the purchase that you need. Read More …